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    A Conversation with Lou Diamond Phillips

    Presented by Tobin Center for the Performing Arts at Tobin Center For The Performing Arts, San Antonio

    March 24, 2019

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    This unique evening includes a full screening of "La Bamba," followed by a lively, freewheeling, moderated discussion with Lou Diamond Phillips.

    "La Bamba" is the story of Los Angeles teenager Ritchie Valens (Lou Diamond Phillips) who becomes an overnight rock 'n' roll success in 1958, thanks to a love ballad called "Donna" that he wrote for his girlfriend (Danielle von Zerneck) whose ...more

    Looking For Langston

    Presented by Ruby City

    February 28 - August 11, 2019

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    Ruby City announces an exhibition of works by renowned filmmaker and installation artist, Isaac Julien, CBE RA. Central to the exhibition is Julien’s seminal 1989 documentary-drama...more

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