Welcome to the San Antonio Artist Registry!

We want to shine the spotlight on you and your art – and all for no cost to you! Being part of this registry means that visitors to our website can find your art, how to connect with you to purchase your work, ways to see your work in person or online, and/or hire you for events, workshops and more. Having a profile also means you could be featured in our department’s marketing efforts to bring additional awareness of the work that you do. Being registered is also the first step to apply for Individual Artist Grants from the Department of Arts & Culture. San Antonio is known as City full of arts and culture – and it’s because of you! We look forward to helping your talent be recognized in San Antonio and beyond!

Please note: we reserve the right to edit submissions for grammar, style and accuracy – and may require image substitutions or additional information from the requestor. Additionally, any submissions that include copyrighted materials written by others will be removed.