Aaron Rodriguez

I am a 47 year old musician/producer.  When I was 28 I was 3 years into a 7 year prison term for intoxication manslaughter (Thanksgiving 1999 I had drinks with friends, wrecked my car and my back seat passenger and friend Jarrett was ejected from the car and died.), I developed a plan to form a record label and seek singer/songwriters, and bands to record in my studio and release to the world. After my release in 2007 I soon developed social anxiety and P.T.S.D.   this prevented me from getting the label started until 2016 when I fell into a self-loathing depression that reduced my body to 112 lbs….Thats when i “saw the light” and became healed of my past emotional trauma.    at the beginning of 2018 I finally was strong enough to start Anomalous Sounds – my record label, and Jonathan…And His Stories – a cartoon character i created in prison to be the “face” of my poems and stories. To date Anomalous Sounds has recorded 30 singer/songwriters and released on you tube. Jonathan…And His Stories (The cartoon) is based on the singer/songwriters’ own songs and stories as all of the characters are voiced by the artists of Anomalous Sounds. In 2017 when I was ill and 112Lbs, I had to give up my swimming pool business and have not been able to secure any form of income. My life is dedicated to helping my artists get through their dark times and release their precious art to the world. Aaron  


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