Adalberto Perez

ADALBERTO PEREZ was never on the International Space Station.

My art practice started as a child, trapped in an apartment in New York City, displaced from the natural settings I had explored in the Puerto Rico of my earliest memories. I do not paint winter scenes, there are no winters in the land where my mind began to form. At the age of twenty six while serving in the Marines I added painting to my practice, choosing watercolor as my first medium. Learned what I could from a book and proceeded to make copies of Frank Frazetta’s fantasy paintings. My paintings mostly involve figures in a seascape, reflecting my past pleasures of exploring coastal and underwater environments as kayaker, windsurfer and scuba diver. Beachwear lacks the baggage that our typical daily costumes suggest as to our cultural, social and economic reality. On the shore we are more flesh, less facade.

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  • UNNATURAL DIVIDE, 2022, acrylic on canvas, 24\" x 48\"

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