Adriana Abundis

Abundis is a culturally relevant pedagogue, master teacher, community art organizer and culture protector. Her art and collaborative projects are rooted in authentic mathematics, civic engagement, community empowerment and extending the platform for underrepresented narratives. Ms. Abundis is a SAISD dual language high school math and Mexican American studies teacher, school leader and a graduate from Masters programs in both Mathematics and Bilingual/Bicultural Studies. Abundis Alonso was selected teacher of the year for her campus, district, and region and was selected as one of three finalists in the 2020 Texas Teacher of the Year program. In 2018, she was invited to Michigan State University as a features artist and poet. She has led and created 3 inspirational murals on the West Side of San Antonio that stretch over 3,000 square feet that are based on authentic mathematics applications. Her current project includes curating a mobile museum in which students research and historicize their roles in the Chicana/o civil rights movements and create museum style shadow boxes serving as identity tool kits. These identity tool kits/artifacts will include reflection questions as a part of a lesson plan for younger students. Through creativity and innovation, she has been able to bring community cultural wealth into the classrooms and continues to promote student self-expression, identity construction, advocacy and agency

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