Afrika Henderson

As an aspiring Graphic Illustrator, my passion lies in showcasing the beauty, strength, and diversity of Black Women through my art. Through captivating illustrations, I aim to celebrate their rich cultural heritage and challenge stereotypes in the animated media and gaming industries. My ultimate goal is to develop video games that feature strong, relatable Black Women protagonists, offering players a unique and inclusive gaming experience. By applying for art grants, I hope to secure the necessary resources and opportunities to enhance my skills, acquire advanced software, and attend specialized workshops, propelling me closer to achieving my dream of creating impactful and empowering animated media and video games.

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I absolutely love using Clip Studio Paint for my illustrations and animations. The software's illustration features are top-notch, providing an extensive range of brushes, tools, and customizable settings that allow me to bring my artistic vision to life with precision and creativity. When it comes to animation, Clip Studio Paint offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy to create captivating animated sequences and frame-by-frame animations. As for my XP Pen Artist Pro 12, it's a fantastic digital drawing tablet that complements Clip Studio Paint perfectly. The tablet's high-resolution display and pressure sensitivity enable me to achieve smooth and natural strokes, enhancing the overall quality of my artwork. Its compact and lightweight design makes it a portable and convenient tool for working on-the-go, ensuring that I can continue my creative process wherever inspiration strikes. Together, Clip Studio Paint and the XP Pen Artist Pro 12 form an unbeatable combination that empowers me to take my graphic illustrations and animated projects to new heights.
My approach to art is rooted in the belief that continuous learning and exploration of new ideas and inspirations should be an enjoyable and fulfilling journey. I am not confined to any particular philosophical house, but rather embrace a dynamic and open-minded mindset, always seeking to expand my creative horizons. As for my main subject, Magical Black Women, I fuse the enchanting elements of Magical Girl anime with the empowering representation of Black Women. By infusing fantastical elements, symbolism, and vibrant storytelling, my illustrations and animations celebrate the strength, resilience, and unique cultural identity of Black Women, while also introducing audiences to a captivating and diverse world of magic and wonder.


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