Alex Galindo

\\\"Melissa\\\". Gouache on paper

Alex Galindo is a painter and illustrator from San Antonio, TX. Through their art, Alex aims to represent themes of cultural diversity by combining anthropological research with elements of design and illustration.

Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

Working primarily in painting and illustration, I am influenced by the seemingly mundane; reflections on glass bottles, bi-monthly trips to Costco, and the way dandelions grow through concrete. Through the use of bold, vivid color palettes, I challenge dullness by romanticizing aspects of life that are often overlooked. Careful attention to detail contrasts with unorthodox, bright colors to create a compelling yet familiar perspective. By employing a semi-realistic style in my artwork, I experiment with the balance between the picturesque and the commonplace to emphasize the beauty in the ordinary. As an artist who has dealt with mental illness for nearly half of their life, I’ve faced my share of obstacles in creating art. I overcome these difficulties by going with the flow of my creativity; once I decide on my subject, I avoid over-planning. I'll lay down a simple sketch and decide on a color palette but will often tweak colors as I go. It’s almost like a form of therapy as I allow myself to get lost in my creative process of intentional chaos. The world needs more positivity and inspiration. I generally try to have a positive outlook on life, and that’s what my art is about. Even though life can bring you down, it’s important to find joy in mundane things. My art focuses on romanticizing life because no one else is going to do that for you. Through my subject matter I want to celebrate the little things in life like going on a boba tea run or finding a cool rock outside. I am really inspired by people like Marie Kondo; I celebrate what sparks joy in my own heart and aim to capture that emotion in my artwork. I try to make my own life match what I want it to be, so I strive for my art to reflect that notion of manifesting an idealized life. I don’t want to completely block out negativity, but emphasize the positive aspects of life. I don’t always have a grand concept when it comes to my pieces, but I think that capturing little moments of happiness is essential and more than makes up for that. I try to appreciate what I have and honor life with a mindful perspective.

Culturally Specific Art Category

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