Alex Scheel

I am Alex Paul Scheel. I am a musician and artist from the southside of San Antonio who has been creating music most of my life. I am a member of the bands Pop Pistol, Femina- X and Xes Xes. The music I create is a fusion of many contemporary styles that range from Drum n bass electronic to Progressive art rock. I often utilize Xicano futurism and cyberpunk aesthetics to construct a world that focuses on the metaphysical, emotional and spiritual realms to resonate with that sense of a shared connection. To further explore these Ideas I have utilized various visual mediums to flesh out concepts within the music using graphic design, paintings, 3-D modeling, animation, video creation and various other artistic forms. These visual forms often are directly inspired by specific songs or emotions. These creations are vehicles to explore and are often technologies in healing.
In the 20 years I have been creating music and art I have always set out to create the future and go into the darkest parts of each world to find the smallest amount of light. This light can grow and illuminate parts of our shared struggles and celebrate our shared triumphs. The work is often exploring generational healing, future gazing, magnifying, dream mining, shadow work and various explorations that often appear in the music and visual forms.
I am a child of punk rock rasquachismo and it is often in this hunger and grit that I find ways to create with an urgency that feels close to my heart.

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