Alex Samuel Velez

I am Alex Samuel, new to San Antonio and a transplant from Puerto Rico. My journey in the US has taken me from Boston, MA; to Monterey, CA; to Destin, FL; then back to California; and now, finally, to San Antonio. The place I and my family will call home for the long run. I have a daughter and I am married to a talented and amazing artist. I hold a Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Hispanic Studies and Secondary Education. 

I mainly write in Spanish and all my fictional works have been published in Spanish. My first poetry book is titled, “ Crema y sudor y vino tinto (2008)”. My short-stories book is titled “Resuellos (2010)”, and I have a novel that was made into a short-film, titled, “Leticia por quinta vez (2012)”. I have three other books in the making, a poetry collection and two novels, which I intend to publish in English and Spanish.

I am a professional educator with extensive experience in the higher education sector, including private and public educational institutions. Currently serving as Director of the Defense Language Institute’s detachment in San Antonio. I have published research and presented at national conferences such as the ACTFL annual convention. My research areas are adult education, transformative learning, learner experience, and servant leadership.

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