AlmaLuz Sanchez-Glasgow

My name is AlmaLuz L. Sanchez-Glasgow. I was born in Honduras and raised in the U.S. I have been using acrylics to tell my stories for about 15 years. I am Vet and have had the opportunity to pain murals for the Air Force.

In 2018, I held my first Art event in Sierra Vista, Arizona. It was called Rivers in the Desert. I had musicians, dancers, spoken word artists, and vendors at the event. The first year, I focused on portraits telling the stories of people, painting only half of their faces to remind people we only know half the story of a person’s journey in life.

The second year 2019, my theme was on restoration from internal and invisible wounds.

I love to tell stories through my paintings and hope that the paintings encourage those who see, and to know we are in this journey together.

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