Amanda Vega

Photo Credit: Das_Mas_Polaroid

Hello there! My name is Amanda Vega, born and raised on the Southside of San Antonio.

I have been singing in the local SA band Lloronas, for 8 years now. Performing since I was about 10 years old, but my mother will claim since birth. I started my singing career in the church. Singing every Sunday, participating in worship nights, retreats, church festivals and weddings. While singing for Lloronas I’ve had many amazing oppurtinuites by playing across all of SA and surrounding cities in Texas. Some highlights with Lloronas, opening up for Go Betty Go, The Coathangers, Tsunami Bomb and Alice Bag.

My community has been very supportive of me and my music career. I’ve experienced great memories and opportunities like performing at the Witte Museum for the 2019 Taskus End of Year Celebration and Assisted as a band/vocal coach for the 2019 San Antonio Girl’s Rock camp.

My passion for film comes from my earlier days at Palo Alto. I struggled with my mental health for a while after I graduated High School, but my photography classes motivated me to create and step outside of my comfort zone. Today, I continue to explore film by shooting with other local photographers and joining an all womens film group. I had the opportunity to share some of my work at Creative Eye at Bluestar complex in 2021. Now, post-covid, I am emerging once again in hopes of releasing a new single and solo album. Working with the creative scence at The Starlighter which is an all ages venue for creative arts.

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