Amber Gonzalez

My name is Amber Gonzalez.  I was born and raised in San Antonio.  I have lived here all thirty-two years of my life.  I graduated  from O’Connor High School and went on to get my B.A. in English from UTSA.  I then completed my M.A. in Literature, Creative Writing and Social Justice at Our Lady of the Lake University. I have been playing the piano since I was nine years old and the flute since I was eleven.  I also grew up singing in my church choir.  I have always had a passion for singing and writing my own songs.  I love all types of music. Music has brought me so many wonderful connections and experiences. I believe it is something that should always be shared with the world.  I believe that without music,  the world would stop.  People would cease to go to work in the mornings, the radio would be bland, and everyone would smile a lot less. There are so many things I love about music, but I think what I love the most about it is that it’s for everyone.  To quote Shakespeare, “When words fail, music speaks.”

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Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

My philosophy is to take inspiration from the great Phil Spector. My approach is  not to just accept anything for my music.  My approach is to listen to the music and ensure it has a smooth flow.  By dissecting  my music carefully, I am  able to create a sophisticated lyrical structure. The mood is to make a bold statement that empowers all people, primarily women. While trying to rid to rid myself of the inner sanctums of hurt and betrayal, I have found a release in the statement of music.   My music is a blend of pop culture with a mix of inspiration from the blues.  Some of my favorite artists range from Miley Cyrus to Billie Holiday to The Beatles. With the hope of helping others heal, I share my music with the world.

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