Amira Alsareinye

Surrealist art offers a special lens to the viewer that allows room for many different interpretations. I find this very helpful because oftentimes I don’t have an answer to why I create certain pieces, perhaps there is not one reason, but many.  90 percent of my works are based on intense memory fueled visualizations that are scientifically termed as involuntary semantic memories. These memories may present themselves as random text, images, sounds and more suddenly coming to mind. Many times these visualizations are contrary to natural order, like a dream, they are odd, fantastic, and for me, very vivid. My art also brings about discussion to culture and race. specifically growing up as a mixed-race first-generation American. Both of my parents are immigrants, my mother from Mexico, and my father from Syria. Growing up with these two differing worldviews in the heart of Texas wasn’t an easy feat. Creating allows me to tell these stories while also paying homage to the historical art and culture of my heritage.

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