Anathalia Jolie

The comment Anathalia J. Marc-Charles often hears from people experiencing her work is that it “feels like the paintings are alive!”. Anathalia is an acrylic painter who executes a craft that explores the interactions between color and light. Her paintings appear to morph and have movement when viewed under RGB LED lights. 

Native to San Antonio, Texas, Anathalia began teaching herself to paint in 2019 at the age of 15. She’s always loved creating, but her signature color changing art style formed at the age of 16 when she was gifted LED strip lights. While setting them up, Anathalia quickly became fascinated with the manner in which the RGB colors coated various objects in her room. With a personal story to share, she armed herself with light and color for her tools. Anathalia took on the idea to create paintings that change under different lighting circumstances. 

Anathalia, on her own, began to study the way different pigments would change and glow under her lights. She uses this knowledge of how the colors react to make decisions on color placements in her paintings.

Anathalia has an inclination for recurring subjects in her creations, such as portraits of Black women, landscapes, and plantlife. She aims to challenge the viewers’ expectations of traditional art, which is often expected to be still images, and show them something new using innovative color techniques to create animations on a canvas. 

Anathalia’s work has been exhibited at the Blue Star Arts Com ... view more »

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