Andrew Gonzales

What inspires me are the extremes of life and I often seek to illustrate the complexities of humanity in my work. I chose this type of work because it allows me to have an understanding of the confusion that exists in our cultural narrative. I believe it is my duty to help others gain clarity from that confusion and use my abilities as a storyteller to do so. I have shown similar efforts in my work documenting the front lines of the DAPL protest at Standing Rock and other video projects I have spearheaded in regards to protecting our nation’s valuable waterways.

Professionally, my experience coming up as a Cinematographer, Director, and Editor has given me a unique viewpoint in storytelling. This is my time to challenge myself and take my career to a new level in directing my first feature-length film. I do not take this opportunity lightly and will handle this story in a way that will make all involved, proud to have taken part in this project.

I am fearless to the obstacles that await.


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  • This is a short teaser from the upcoming documentary American Sons

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