Angel Garza

Angel Garza

Angel Garza is a San Antonio based creative and visual artist; who started his art journey at an early age. He was introduced to art by his padrino, Edmund Benavidez, a San Antonio watercolor painter who’s focus was the San Antonio landscape. He was also one of  the Say Si founding students and worked as an intern along side of Tim Summa at he Southwest Craft Center.  He went on to study visual communications at the Art Institute of Houston and since then has had a 20+ years career within Design and Advertising. He has worked on brands such as AAA, Coca-Cola, LG, Miller Lite, San Antonio Spurs, Saint Arnold Brewery, Sony Electronics, Texas Lottery, Verizon, Walmart, and the list goes on.

Angel’s skills range from napkin doodles, guerrilla advertising, traditional, social media content. On his off time he spreads and serves by donating his time to local and national non-profit organizations.

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Angel Garza is a Creative who spreads and serves his time working with his community to advocate and build a better barrio. He creates to help promote "The Good in the Hood". As a barrio professional his focus is on social issues within underserved communities.

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