Angela Weddle

“Progress,” Pen and Ink Drawing, White gel pen, Artgraf ocher, graphite, and white washes, Micron colored pens, on Stonehenge Archival Kraft Paper, 11x14 inches, 2020.

Angela N. Weddle is a professional visual artist who is autistic with cerebral palsy, and congenital right hemisphere brain damage. Weddle is a neurological anomaly and savant, who is not supposed to have any artistic ability but always has.
She has mentored and taught students of all ages about poetry and art. She has read and performed poetry at PuroSlam and with the San Antonio Jazz Poets. She is a published poet in the journal Barking Sycamores Year One; Edited by V. Solomon Maday & N.I. Nicholson.
Weddle is a contributing blogger, artist, animator and board member for the international blog and nonprofit, The Art of Autism. Weddle has lectured about autism awareness and advocacy to local organizations and corporations such as H.E.B and a Dreamweek panel about disability and autism.
Weddle is known for her sketchbooks, in particular, and has been mentioned in the San Antonio Current, interviewed on Spectrum News, interviewed by Arts United San Antonio, major online magazine PopSugar for her digital art along with partnering with Apple, and has contributed animation and interviews to the University of Exeter’s ExDx Film project which interviewed artists who are autistic, featured artist in Queerly poetry magazine, and is published as the featured cover artist and inside portfolio of work in Salamander Literary Magazine, University of Suffolk, Boston, MA, and featured cover art on the new CD All Without Words.

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