Angelica Raquel

Angelica Raquel in front of her tapestry, Psalms of My Youth

Born and raised in the border city of Laredo, Texas, Angelica draws much of her inspiration
from her upbringing and the culture she grew up in. Using narratives rooted in folklore,
familial storytelling, and her personal experiences, Angelica investigates ideas of morality
and the soul. Her use of animal imagery has a dual purpose of representing a personal loved
one, herself, and the animal.
Based in San Antonio,  Texas, Angelica works as an Educator and Artist. Her love of nature and
animals constantly influences her multidisciplinary studio practice, which consists of
fibers, sculpture, painting, and drawing. She earned a Masters in Fine Arts from The
University of Texas at San Antonio in 2020 and a Bachelors in Fine Arts from Texas State
University in 2016

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Multidisciplinary artist Angelica Raquel was born and raised in the border city of Laredo, TX, where she draws inspiration from personal childhood experiences to create her artwork. In addition to examining her own dreams and ideas, Raquel explores narratives rooted in the folklore and familial storytelling shared by her late grandfather, taking the mantle to share and reinvent the stories and myths that have connected generations of family members, even after death.

Raquel’s work serves as an illustration of this rich history of sharing the folklore and leyendas (legends) that teach lessons, while still creating a sense of excitement and uneasiness. Stories meld together and range from mundane to terrifying and all things between. Her work is a conduit that investigates the clashing of culture, society, and human/animal relationships—made further evident in the multidisciplinary nature of her work processes, which include painting, drawing, felting, and rug hooking; the softness of the media contrasts the often visceral nature of the subject matter.

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