Anita Becerra


Anita Becerra is a contemporary artist based in San Antonio, Texas focusing on abstract and conceptual work that explores themes of immigration, neocolonialism, agricultural corruption, and her own Honduran-American identity. Her solo exhibition “Overripe” at Mercury Project gallery was awarded Best of Contemporary Art Month in 2020. 

Becerra is currently working on a sculpture that will be placed in the entry of the new development “The Creamery” along the San Antonio River. The pillared arch of granite represents the fluidity of the San Antonio River and the local community, as well as drawing on architectural details of the historic building.

Becerra also owns a small online shop where she sells handmade functional ceramic wear. She graduated with a Bachelors in Sculpture from Brigham Young University- Idaho and teaches ceramics out of her studio at the 1906 South Flores Arts Complex. 

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