Anne Wallace

Golden Age, Harberger Park

My public artwork is defined more by my themes and approach to projects than by a signature object or medium. I incorporate multiple perspectives on culture and history, often through the use of personal narratives, and explore the relationships between humans, nature and the built environment. My approach is to 1) fully integrate the work into a site, re-framing the site in some way, 2) engage the viewer and activate the space, 3) create work that stands up to repeated exposure meaning that, in some way, it is still interesting or beautiful or entertaining over the course of time for people who pass by every day. The public works variously include text, 2D images, diverse 3D sculptural elements and approaches, and photographic processes.

I’m an innovator. I designed a text stamping system for wet concrete and was the first artist to incorporate photo-engraved concrete in Texas. I believe my bridge at Mission Concepción is the first project in SA to use engraved (sandblasted) concrete imagery.

To date, my public projects are outdoors, but I look forward to creating interior projects that more directly incorporate my love of drawing and materials like wood and sound.