Ansen Seale

My work began as photography, but has evolved into the more elemental components of that medium: time and light. For a historical context, my work falls into the tradition of the artist/scientist (Leonardo da Vinci, Harold Edgerton, O. Winston Link, Eadweard Muybridge), but aesthetically, I am especially interested in modes of seeing. Modern pioneers in this field were the pointalists and cubists and later, Robert Rauschenburg with his layered sculptures that included photos on transparent acrylic.

The diverse work of Ansen Seale illustrates the fact that he is a polymath in the tradition of the Artist/Scientist. His time-based works of art have been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally and have been collected by corporate, institutional and private collectors. An inventor, CODA Award winner, owner of three businesses, and currently San Antonio’s Artist of the Year, Ansen’s work is truly original, accessible and inspires a wide audience.


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  • Blue By You, 2018 Wood, Acrylic, LEDs 20 ft x 30 ft x 6 ft HEB Grocery Store, Houston, TX

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