Anthony Borrego

I grew up in San Antonio, Texas, on the west side, a community with great culture, character, and art. The art on the walls of my neighborhood inspired me to pick up a pencil and start drawing at 10 years old, but it was not until the first year of High School, that I began taking my art seriously. My art teacher at Sidney Lanier High School, helped me realize my potential and love for art, especially painting. As I was learning how to paint, in the back of my art class, I also learned that I was connected more so with my community than ever before. My neighborhood influenced every line, color choice, and the story being told in my art. To this day, I make art in the hopes of being able to give back to my community as well as build and preserve it.

Currently, I am trying to build my name in the art world, and I have a couple of ideas that I want to bring to life, but until then, baby steps to freedom, keep on painting. Along my journey as an artist, I hope to meet three main goals: Make People smile and laugh through my art, paint a mural in my community, Have a show in a museum in San Antonio, Tx. I hope to do this within a span of 10 years, with many more goals met in-between. 

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