Anthony Diaz

Anthony The Lemon Diaz

My name is Anthony “The Lemon” Diaz and I am a queer based Mexican American artist born and raised in San Antonio Texas. I was first introduced to the art as a child, tracing over my stepdads tattoos. When I was old enough to hold a pencil , my stepdad showed me all of his American traditional tattoo style art sketches and took the time to teach me what he knew. When I became a teenager,  I started to find my self identity along with my voice as an artist. My style and my stepdad’s art styles were very different, he was sharp, jagged, black and white, while I was soft, curved, and colorful. I took everything he taught me and blended it to everything I learned along the way. By my senior year in high school I had taken every Art class my school had to offer, but I wanted to learn even more. My art teacher saw my potential and chose to teach me more advanced courses on the side. I learned to work to sculpt, paint, and so much more. After I graduated I went into business with my family and we opened our store front, Karolinas Antiques where I was able to create murals to surround our customers. Over the years I found who I was even more as a person and I was able to really focus on what I wanted to represent with my art. But my work was categorized in a gray area, much like myself. I didn’t fit into constructs with my gender identity as well as with my work. I didn’t fit into a lot of the boxes in the art community, I was too Mexican for queer events, and too queer for Latinx e

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I take inspiration from my culture and my LGBTQ+ community. Sometimes in my real life my two worlds don't see eye to eye, but with my art I can create a beautiful blend. I can create something that truly represents me and so many like me. I have also created amazing digital illustrations  inspired by many of my favorite childhood pop culture moments and adding a Latinx twist. I create illustrations I wish I had seen growing up, when representation for my community was nonexistent. My work can be digital, it can be covered in glitter, or done with acrylic. My work is mine, my work is for the many people who see the world as I do. When life gives you lemons, make something beautiful, and lemonade.

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