Antonio Serna

OUR TIME: Documents of Resistance (Installation) Loisaida Cultural Center, New York, NY, 2018

I am a Mexican-American artist originally from Texas with family origins along the US-Mexico border. I maintain a studio practice and a collective practice. For me, these realms are reciprocal: the manifestation of creativity in the cultural realm is the guiding spirit towards liberation in the socio-political realm, and vice versa. Backed with this philosophy, I am a strong advocate for autonomy and self-determination within the cultural and socio-political realms. Being active and cognizant in both realms is crucial to my production as an artist. Currently, I have two main studio projects. The first project is called The Same Sun, which is a series of video narratives that weave together personal and historic sites over deep-time calendric maps (350 to 65 million years ago).These video narratives reveal and destabilize imperial-colonial narratives both past and present.The second project I am currently working on is Documents of Resistance, an extensive art/research project that focuses on the history of art and activism by artists of color from the 1960s to the present. Documents of Resistance seeks to give contours to a cultural history that remains scattered and unwritten. I am currently looking to expand Documents of Resistance wall murals (see portfolio) to more site-specific spaces both indoors and outdoors by way of research and community workshops.


  • (Center) Chains : Detroit Revolutionary Black Workers, 2020. (Right) Chains: ThirdWorld Strike, 2020

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