Aric J Garza

The Blues Lawyer

Aric J. Garza, a.k.a. The Blues Lawyer, was born and raised in San Antonio. He developed an affinity for the guitar at an early age, reaching “Learn the Guitar with Mel Bay – Level 2” in 1979. He launched his career with an 8 year standing gig at a westside catholic church playing mass over 800 times, becoming a hardcore E-A-B7 riffer before taking it to the next level. Well-versed in all keys of the pentatonic minor AND major scales, the Blues Lawyer has been playing professionally since 2007 (which may include some family gatherings and/or poetry slams). Yes, Aric is actually an attorney, but he dispenses no legal advice and provides no law-related information at gigs unless it relates to breach of contract claims against bars who refuse to pay for his guitar-related services.


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