Ariel Faz

Ariel Faz aka R.E.L. is a native San Antonio artist, musician, and producer. He founded Acquired Taste Preferred Records in 2000. R.E.L. was a founding member of several influential Texas hip hop groups, CHISME and ASTEX. R.E.L. has toured Texas, the Midwest, Southwest, West Coast, and Pacific Northwest extensively. R.E.L. has also played shows in Mexico City and Spain. He has released 13 albums since 2002. He has played many of San Antonio’s biggest stages; Luminaria, Market Square during Fiesta, and Ouster Bake, the Arneson River Theater, La Villita, and countless local venues.

ASTEX was founded in 1999. The music can now be described as 2000s Tejano indie art rap. The group had a punk ethos and made everything independently. From creating the artwork for the albums, to producing all the music using video games, recording and engineering themselves, and distribution and promotion. Everything was done without any label support or funding. All DIY

CHISME is R.E.L.of Astex and Progeny of Pointing Fingers. Chisme features live instrumentation with Progeny on MPC-1000 and R.E.L on a SP-404. Chisme is a nod to alternative electronica with a San Antonio twist. Chisme crafts a uniquely modern compositions, rooted in hiphop, that successfully breaks genre boundaries. Chisme hold their own amongst rock and hiphop acts alike. Chisme has toured toured extensively in the Southwest, West Coast, and Pacific Northwest. They were labeled San Antonio’s best hip-hop group by the San An

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Combining traditional hip-hop instruments like turntables, beat machines, and samplers with abstract wordplay, I create a collective space for celebration. My music is all about the moments we share together. I am only there to convey a feeling, create a mood, share an experience, and connect with the crowd. My music is a fleeting space and time, a re-imagining of classic hip-hop infused with psychedelic imagery.

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