Barbara Felix

Barbara Felix is a multidisciplinary artist whose path began with traditional mediums of drawing, painting and printmaking. Her work is firmly focused on the human figure embedded in portraits of herself, and other women as her primary subjects. Felix artistic practice also includes merging her experience as a graphic designer with her fine art skills through experimental video projects.

Felix retired from corporate graphic design in March 2022, to fully delve into her artistic pursuits. Her multidisciplinary artistic practice combines expressive drawing, painting, printmaking, and experimentation with digital techniques. Her future plans include adding sculpture, installation, animation, video projection, perhaps even interactivity in her process.

Dance is often a subject in her work, after a car accident in 1982 left her nearly paralyzed. Felix began to live vicariously as one by appropriating the bodies of professional dancers. Since 2018, she has begun using dance to celebrate people and her dual cultures. She is also interested in using dance to create scenarios that explore issues around racial equity and identity. Her goal is to connect the viewer to shared experiences and common humanity. She also hopes to provide a lens to others on some of the complicated issues that BIPOC people deal with from my perspective, and create opportunities for understanding, compassion and respect that go beyond tolerance.

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