Barbie Hurtado

Barbie and their Jarana. Photo Credit: Suzy Gonzalez

Barbie (they/them/elle/elli) is a trans-non-binary fat, queer, immigrant from Monterrey Mexico, raised in San Antonio, Texas. They are an activist and community organizer. Cultural organizing, art, and artivism with an inclusive LGBTQ+ framework while bringing art to their community is something Barbie is very passionate about, they believe that an important part of grassroots organizing is art and artivism. In 2017 Barbie co-founded Son Queers, a collective of queer, trans & non-binary musicians that share, teach, and play traditional Son Jarocho music in a safe inclusive environment with the mission of healing through art and music and resisting the hetero-patriarchal-normativity that is prevalent in the Son Jarocho culture.   Barbie is also a founding member of Los MENtirosos San Antonio’s premiere all-Latine drag king troupe,  a collective of queer, trans, and non-binary drag entertainers, Los MENtirosos seek to create space for all drag entities outside of the exclusive world of drag that for far too long has excluded kings that don’t follow the standards of pageantry. Their Drag King Persona, Pancho Panza a is a fat-positive, king who loves to dance and shake their panza with pride. Together with their co-founding member of Los Mentirosos Nacho Marx & SirGio, they founded Drag King Bilingual Storytime which are kid-friendly events that are accessible to parents and help enrich a child’s development while promoting inclusion where D.R.A.G. Stands for Dancing, Read

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