Beau Rodriguez

Beau Anthony Rodriguez is a San Antonio local award winning guitarist. Beau is endorsed by Lower Groove Guitars out of Dodge City, KS. Beau’s been avidly playing guitar for 12 years now. Winning first place in San Antonio’s Guitar Wars in 2010, and finishing in the top three for two years after, he also plays in two bands in the city. Beau is self taught, but did play the double bass in orchestra for three years in middle school. He was also featured on San Antonio’s “SA Living.” “At that time I hated it, I would get teased because the instrument was so big and I was small. But I loved the way it sounded. I must to admit, without that entry to music who knows where I would be. I started playing guitar at around age 16. It was captivating and when I wrote my first song and people were moved by it, that’s when I knew I had something there. You can feel so many emotions at any given time, and I feel playing music is the best way portray your feelings. Presently I have found my passion and fulfillment in teaching guitar to students. I also still actively record and release music. I just released my second EP titled ‘Lies and Promises’. It is available to download, stream, purchase everywhere. My third album “Lies and Promises” will be premiered at Brick at Blue Star on Thursday February 23rd at 7PM.


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  • Official music video for Calvary. Also gained rotations on KSYM.

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