Benjamin Ortiz

Mexican Manhattan by Benjamin Ortiz

I am constantly inspired by common and often overlooked objects around me. I am particularly interested in those images that evoke the image of an unvarnished truth in this climate of oversimplified and embellished claims propagated around us all. As an artist I am often compelled to reinvent their images through my artwork. I stress the term reinvent in consideration with Hegel’s (19th century German philosopher) concept that nothing in our time could be truly isolated and given significance not influenced by others. Technically speaking, it seems apparent to me that what distinguishes art from illustration is in the message. In the end, the art should convey some form of truth in its execution through whatever means i.e. technique. Formally trained as a draftsman, it’s evident the means I use to execute my vision in these works. The influences that have inspired me for this series are Edward hopper, Rene Magritte, the Mexican social realists, the writings of several writers including Leonard Shlain (Art & Physics) and recently Hegel’s critique on beauty and art.

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