Beto DeLeón

Photo by Darklisted Photography

Beto De León is a Lipan Apache & Xican@ indigequeer herbalist, multidisciplinary artist, and food researcher based in San Antonio, TX.    Beto’s inspiration in plant lore and ecology have helped create multiple community learning spaces and skill shares highlighting traditional food, medicine, art and sustainability in South Texas. Their work has been expressed through site specific gatherings, zines, digital imagery, functional pieces and through their medicine making.  Beto is currently an organizing member of the community healing collective SanArte Healing & Cultura Clinic and also Herbalist Educator of their La Yerbería: Intro to Herbalism Course. Aside from their documentation and creative pieces, Beto has also curated shows at the Guadaulpe Gallery, the Movement Gallery at Cento por la Justicia, and Gallista Gallery and participated in a number of community led campaigns focused on environmental justice, community care and land remediation.  

Artist Statement of Work

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Beto DeLeón is a multidisciplinary artist, herbalist and researcher who finds inspiration in the relationship between people and plants. Beto’s research and creative works from zines, to traditional crafts to medicine and food workshops aim to explore the interactions people have shared with their ecology for generations. Beto's works are offered as creative reflections of a larger dialogue of people remembering stories of medicine, nature and traditional foods grounded in place and exchange.

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