Bhaswati Sinha

Bhaswati is an artist who expresses her feelings and emotions through glow or light in her paintings which she observes in the realistic world. Bhaswati originates from a place where the love of nature comes in-built in every person. Her father was a sculptor. Bhaswati was influenced by warmth of glowing light surrounded by cool dark background. Her paintings represent spiritual balance of light versus dark and its interdependencies. She believes that every soul is a light that grounds everyone by illuminating the path of knowledge and righteousness. Light or glow always provides a positive energy and hope despite being surrounded by darkness of the universe.

Bhaswati took an intensive art mastery program studying old master skills and techniques in Milan Art Institute, AZ, USA, possesses a strong sense of creating figurative artistry and forward-thinking that is consistently displayed across all art pieces. All her artwork is based on light/glow and has a strong chiaroscuro style with a definite storyline/message to believe in yourself.

Bhaswati have built her expertise on mixed media which gives her the artistic freedom to experiment with her paintings. She had used an inner layer of collage and texture to bring a mystery to the atmosphere, another layer of acrylic paint to create the foundation of the painting and final layer of oil to bring the balance between brightness of glowing light and darkness of the surrounding.

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