Bianca Sapet

Bianca Sapet is a Xicanx singer that merges her love of Mexican, Latinx, and Xicanx folklore with her passion for social justice. Her repertoire includes boleros, rancheras, polkas, Afro-Cuban rhythms, Xicana Soul, cumbias and ancient indigenous rhythms of Mexico. With an educational background in sociology and years of working in the social services arena, she brings something unique to the music world. Sapet transmits the spirit of the songs of her ancestors to heal herself and others. Sapet has always been intrigued by the healing power of music and the ability to transcend barriers through music. She hopes to continue the legacy of the rich folklore of her ancestral land (South Texas & Northern Mexico) through the reimagining of the ancestor’s music.

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  • Macorina by Bianca Sapet

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