Brandon Vondera

Seagulls eye view of growth. Credit: @guruber

I am a multidisciplinary human with a keen eye and ear of an observer in a world where my neurodivergent brain allows me glimpses, often slightly removed from intertwining with the subjects I look upon.

Traveling an oft-solo pursuit of greatness from a cosmic perspective, my art choices are usually made to reflect back the world as I feel it to the reader, viewer, and observers of my pieces.

Love is my compass and understanding of the material and immaterial vibrations that are perceived by my sensitivities. The mirror I hold is to illumine the beauty within all things. A floating essence to be shared, a hollow vessel to increasingly pour from.

Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

My approach to artwork is to use a critical view of social, cultural, and political issues. Often referencing Americana, history, and the relationships between different cultures and their place in the modern world. Having engaged in subjects as diverse as food justice, psychedelic rock music, community-driven events, and modern technologies, my work produces a fragmented and also unifying signature, arranging people and modalities into conceptually cohesive place-making installations.

It's true that I use a variety of materials and modalities to express and process how I take in the world, my voice is consistent. Each project may not be materially similar, they are linked by a common outside observer's view of the subject matter. The subject matter of each body of work informs the materials and processes of the work development. Each project often consists of multiple layers, often traversing multiple media, bound around specific themes and meanings.

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