Brian Ukaegbu

My name is Brian Ukaegbu and I am an MPH attending the University of Texas at Health Science Center. A normal day would consist of me either studying or creating. I am a visual artist, dancer, and voice actor. There are many things I would like to express about myself, but I largely start with videography then walk people through the episodes of my life. As a visual artist I am to positively impact people through education, entertainment, and by providing a space for them to be themselves.


So far, I have put  some of my work on instagram, which I’ve included above. There are various locations I’ve shot at with each carrying new and intriguing lessons on art. We all are involved in this story we call life, though carrying about to our different colors and tune. I am a vibrant individual with a complex and gripping past that at time shows up in my work. I find my work worthwhile when I discover other people feel the same way I’ve felt. There are faults to all of us, we’re human. However, through my creative work, I’ve found that connecting with others does not always have to be something to fear or avoid. As an artist I’ve attended artist gatherings, collaborative efforts, and even my universities costume party where for the most part we all can showcase something. As odd or unruly some costumes seem, there is always a story as to why that was chosen.


My art helps others and can help translate different perspectives. It can give voice to your work and or educate others!

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