Brittany Shipman

San Antonio artist Brittany Shipman began her professional life as a freelance artist, she built up a business with painting and illustration by commission and volunteer work with other businesses. She was awarded for her achievements through Galleries and Art Shows while gaining degrees in Art. Her focus lies with fantasy art and spiritual meanings behind animals involved with a realistic and impressionism art style. Brittany’s uses tons of bright colors and dreamy effects. There is symbolism and storytelling in her images for people to connect in their own way. With the video art programs Brittany is able to create live images with small animations and gifs that can be made for unique website pop ups, music videos, and background art. Brittany is also involved with mural artwork, glass, and teaching lessons. As a fine artist Brittany likes to work and experiment with different materials and subject matters to portray a beautiful image according to her commission offers.

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