Kris Cari

I’m Carlos, professionally known as Kris Cari, a Latin Pop artist from Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico currently based in San Antonio, Texas. I began making music at an early age, but it wasn’t until I met my producer in 2019 that I began to take it seriously. In 2020, I gained momentum with the release of several songs, including a featuring on a compilation album called “Los 7 Magnificos,” where 7 artists from San Antonio joined to bring a musical story of a western rap battle. Although the project did not take off due to a late release, My dedication to my craft continued to grow.

I signed with my management company 1Face Music in 2020, and I released my debut EP “Platinum Vibes” in 2022. I have a diverse range of influences from Marvin Gaye to Bad Bunny which I incorporate into my project. The EP gained a dedicated fan base and recognition for my unique sound. I also gained attention for my collaboration with Tunon on the song “A Donde Fue,” which was picked up by SiriusXM’s Viva Channel.

In 2023, I released “Breakdown,” a collaborative fusion with artist D La Mancha featuring elements of EDM and Latin Dembow music, as well as “Invoca,” a Pop-Drill fusion with a music video that entices. These releases have showcased my versatility as an artist and cemented a place in the Latin music scene.

I continue to push the boundaries of traditional Latin music and love creating something fresh and exciting for my listeners. With new projects on the horizon, fans can expect even more innova

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As a Latin Pop artist, I have a unique approach to music. I love experimenting with different genres and fusing them together to create something fresh and innovative. My Puerto Rican heritage serves as a foundation for my music, but I also draw inspiration from EDM, Hip Hop, and other genres to add a unique touch to my songs.

My philosophy is centered around honesty and authenticity. I believe that music should be a genuine expression of oneself, and I always aim to stay true to myself in my music. Through my music, I hope to connect with my audience and inspire them to feel a range of emotions, from joy and love to empowerment.

When it comes to subject matter and themes, I draw inspiration from personal experiences, emotions, as well as social and cultural issues that are important to me. I strive to create music that has a positive impact on the world and contributes to positive change.

Overall, my work is characterized by versatility and innovation. I'm always pushing the boundaries of traditional Latin music and seeking to create something fresh and exciting for my listeners.

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  • “‘A Donde Fue\" is a reality check for all couples. After so much time spent trying to make things work, eventually, the fire dies out, and it doesn\'t work out in the end. The track showcases the dynamic duo\'s vocal recipes on a relatively new platform, as they embark on what is leading to be a busy summer 2022.

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