Carmela Muguerza

From the sea, 35 x35 cm, Hight fired ceramic, 2022

Carmela Muguerza is originally from Argentina. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Ceramics and a certificate in Stained Glass. She lived in different cities in Mexico, Argentina, and the USA, where she successfully ran her studios and worked on commissioned and costume projects.  Carmela taught classes on ceramics, raku, stain glasses, history of art, technical drawing, and creative development. She showed her work in exhibitions such as Cabrales Espacio de Arte, Biblioteca Publica Margarita Maza Juarez,Palacio de Gobierno de Zapopan, Primer Piso Gallery, Centro Cultural El colli, Magalli Church Studios Gallery, and Second Saturday Events.

She moved to Mexico, where she enriched her knowledge with ceramic and silver traditional techniques. She worked for the government of Zapopan at Centro Cultural Las Águilas, where she opened the ceramic area and coordinated the project Maestros del Barro to promote traditional ceramic techniques. Carmela taught local artisans how to show and teach their art. She also coordinated the mural “Quetzalcoatl… energia eterea”.

In 2018, she relocated to San Antonio and inaugurated the ceramic area at 10Bit Makerspace, where she works on her projects and teaches ceramics. In 2022 she opened her studio, where she works full time on her projects and teaches ceramics. She uses low and medium-temperature ceramics. Her work is in different markets and at  

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  • Estupa, ceramic, 2017


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