Cedric Thomas Smith

I tell stories that speak the truths of others. Whether it is truth of a kid being bullied by his brother or the truth of generational domestic violence, I want to tell stories that captivate audiences yet make them feel a sense of social responsibility. I am an honest writer that envisions harsh realities and brings them to the screen in hopes of creating dialogues within ourselves and communities. I do this with a blinding faith because I honestly believe in the power of cinema. Whether it is used to escape from the problems of the world or to bring awareness to the problems of the world, I believe that cinema is the perfect medium. The love for cinema is universal which makes me proud and honored to be a film maker. The blood, sweat, and tears of being a filmmaker makes the struggle from conception to reception a rewarding experience that is not paralleled. I’m a multi-award winning writer, director and producer that is a San Antonio native whose journey into film began in 2010 with a short film on LGBT domestic violence that I’d written, “Unimaginable”.  Afterwards, I began directing my own screenplays and our team has won over 40 film festival awards for films including “The Symphony of Silence” and “Melissa” (both examine the epidemic of teen bullying), the feature film version of “Unimaginable” and “Breaking Brokenness”, which is about the pattern of abuse wrapped up in secrets and lies within a family. As I continue my filmmaking odyssey, I ha

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