Celeste De Luna

Celeste De Luna is a teacher, educator, an artist/printmaker originally from the lower Rio Grande Valley of South Texas and now living in San Antonio, Texas. She is a self-taught printmaker whose work includes large-scale woodcut prints and fabric installation.   Celeste has been awarded residencies, fellowships, & grants from Vermont Studio Center, Artplace America, a Blade of Grass, Santa Fe Art Institute Artist Residency and recently showed her work in Vancouver,  Canada. Celeste teaches art at Northwest Vista College. 

Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

My work documents  individual and collective experiences in my physical/spiritual/psychic environment. I explore the complexity of relationships and power dynamics between  people, animals, domestic spaces,  and landscape. That landscape and environment is Texas, Tejas, a border space, known  by many names. I use futuristic imagery inspired by nature, cultural experiences and science fiction. I work from embodied experiences related to ADD, disassociation, and caregiving. This landscape, infrastructure, and society has deeply impacted how I move through different environments.  My work documents this impact, showing a need to escape, feminist and border issues, and my concerns about the environment and future. 

Culturally Specific Art Category

Select Culturally Specific Art Category:: Hispanic or Latino/a/x


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  • See Shift Color Reduction woodcut on paper


  • During my Equal Justice Residency at Santa Fe Art Institute,I shared my work with an audience in 140 seconds.

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