Chabriely Rivera Roldan

(B/Be Cocoon) Photo Credit: Elias Flores III


Chabriely Rivera Roldan is a trans masc nonbinary interdisciplinary artist who has been based in San Antonio, Texas since 2015. The start of Rivera Roldan’s artistic career began after their acceptance into SAY Sí, a creative youth development program, in 2016. Rivera Roldan is currently studying Art, with a focus on New Media, at the University of Texas in San Antonio and will be graduating with a B.A. in Spring of 2023.

Rivera Roldan is Puerto Rican but wasn’t born or raised on the island. Additionally, having lived across the US and periodically in Central America, Rivera Roldan is influenced by a path of intersecting identities that directly informs their work.  

Their practice revolves around concepts of queer identity, the human experience, and sensory activation through installations. They are inspired by relational aesthetics and explore other mediums such as performance.

Chabriely has mentored their peers at SAY Sí within their studio and served as a liaison during their time there. They have taught middle school Art through SAY Sí’s program, Artists Building Communities, and have given a workshop at the McNay to spark creativity in youth.

Rivera Roldan has most recently shown work and participated with and alongside Pamela Martinez’s DAM! Series, including an installation, performance and augmented reality piece. Chabriely’s artwork has been shown at the 38th Annual Juried Student Exhibition at UTSA, the Upstairs Studios at Blue Star Complex, sp

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  • CHA, Wood, transducer, velvet, cardboard with printout of fruit, LED candle lights, faux fur

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