Cheyenne Amaya

"Self Portrait" Acrylic on canvas. 72x36 inches.

Cheyenne Amaya is a visual artist based in San Antonio, Texas. Her work consists largely of painting, ceramic, and multimedia sculpture that explores mental health and spirituality through animal and abstract forms. She is currently pursuing her BFA at The University of Texas, San Antonio with a concentration in ceramics. She is a recipient of the James C. Elmore II Memorial Art Scholarship by the Visual Arts Committee at the San Antonio College.

Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

My work explores the psyche, the spiritual, and the intangible through sculpture and painting. The delusions and intense emotional shifts I am faced with as a result of my mental illness inspire the initial idea behind a work. I focus on the energy and emotion behind these experiences to create a snapshot of these ephemeral moments. Using animals as a representation of the self alongside fluid, almost elemental forms, my work blurs the lines between delusion and reality, spiritual and natural, human and animal. This gives form to the intangible feelings and spiritual delusions I experience, transforming them into material beings that tell ambiguous stories of pain and healing. There is always an attempt to grasp the otherworldly and that which we cannot truly comprehend.

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