Christina Sepulveda

Greetings! I am Christina A. Sepulveda, but I go by my initials C.A.S. for my art. I was born in Mcallen, Tx. (The Valley) and now reside in San Antonio. I am a mother of two awesome kids and have an amazing partner. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology along with other medical certifications, but art is and has always been my main passion. At the moment, I am a homemaker which means I make a lot of my art while enjoying my time with my little ones.

I have been drawing from a young age and growing up an only child with a single mother, you have a lot of time to work on things on your own. My mom has been a huge support on my journey with art. My love for charcoal came from a high school project assigned by my art teacher, before that I would draw solely with graphite. From that moment on, I fell in love with the deep color, softness, and messiness of it, however it isn’t the only medium I dabble with. I have a tendency to pick up new hobbies and I love to work with whatever I find interesting, but my main art style tends to be with charcoal, acrylic, digital, or graphite.

I have only recently begun to really accept my style. Much of my work is inspired by my love and fascination for fantasy, nature, and fairies. I really love to create original art. I just look at the blank paper and go with what I feel in the moment. The transformation of a messy, unfinished work of art into a finished piece is so satisfying. When a drawing makes me smile, it means I am on the right trac

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