Christopher Day

A life of wild times, horrific failures, outlaw excursions, and psychonautical exploration has cultivated an amazing story… one which this Master Artisan enjoys sharing through his many works of art and art forms. Christopher is accomplished in acrylics, oils, colored pencils, digital media, sculpting, and more.

In January of 2020, Chris set out to build something amazing in our city. He founded Alamo City Spray, San Antonio’s Downtown spray paint artists. You can now see their work and support local artists at one of five locations located in the heart of downtown San Antonio.

This was quickly followed by the creation of The Houston Street Experience, a nonprofit organization that Christopher founded, in order to help rebuild the performance arts interests on Historic Houston Street. He helps Homeless, impoverished, and otherwise broken humans to find some sense of dignity and pride..he teaches them a trade or craft, then helps to market their work. “There should always be something cool to see on Houston Street.”

Once we built the community of artists, it was time to open OUR ART SHOPPE, San Antonio’s first LIVE artist collective. We are not simply a gallery or studio space…We work bring our work to the people of the world, give our artists a voice. We work together. We work hard. we have defeated the “Starving Artist” life….and we are THANKFUL.

Christopher’s most recent works involve becoming San Antonio’s Downtown Plein Air Painter. STAY TUNE


  • Presa Street Bridge, across from Landry\\'s

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