Clint Taylor

Photo by @xtinafi

Clint George Salinas-Taylor is an artist that collaborates with individuals and communities to promote art and arts education and the co-creator and founder of Better Butter the Show.

As a multifaceted performer, writer, producer and director, they work with organizations and artists to help strengthen, preserve and rehabilitate communities with a focus on arts education and amplifying the voices of Black, Mexican, Hispanic, Latinx, POC, LGBTQ+, and multicultural identifying people.

Clint uses a wealth of experience and knowledge to bring together folks from all walks of life to engage in the arts, arts education, and other community based workshops and forums.

They continue to enhance their artistic and leadership practices by working with diverse companies and solo artists and by taking advantage of workshops and classes offered in San Antonio and New York City.

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Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

As a storyteller I create performances to help build human connection and deepen our understanding of our unique, yet shared experiences. 

Collaboration, inclusivity and community building are at the foundation of my inspiration to create. 

With a focus on telling actual true stories I find value in being direct with storytelling, leaving nothing (or as little as possible) to question or figure out.  

Culturally Specific Art Category

Select Culturally Specific Art Category:: African American/Black Art, Asian Art, Latino/a Art, Native American Art, Ethnically/Culturally Specific Art

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