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Cody Freeman (b.1989) is a self taught artist with Mexican roots, who currently lives and works in San Antonio, TX. After studying graphic design at the San Antonio Art Institute he continued to experiment with painting and pursue a self-taught practice. Since then, the artist has crafted a unique style and approach. The artist’s work is a visual journey of the human condition through acrylics, oil sticks, charcoal, and found objects. Every painting is richly textured with cerebral layers and vivid colors often inspired by the artists’ Mexican heritage. Using the painterly process the artist applies acrylics in a swift and precise manner creating depth within every stroke. The artist tells a narrative through text, symbolism, and portraits of family members, often referencing from old photographs, in a self created universe filled with plant life, animals, pop culture references and text. Every painting is a triumph of deep personal expression while allowing interpretation and delivering a universal message with the viewer. 

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