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  Cody Freeman (b.1989) is a fine artist  currently living and working in San Antonio, Texas. After studying graphic design at the San Antonio Art Institute, Freeman continued to experiment with painting and pursue a self taught artistic practice. Freeman’s work lives in a realm of its own where figurative and abstraction can coexist harmoniously. Freeman incorporates the human figure, text, religious iconography, and abstraction to tell a narrative of Mexican life in America.
      Having grown up on the southside of San Antonio, the largest majority-Hispanic city, Freeman is no stranger to the disadvantages of being from an impoverished area. Freeman was the oldest of two siblings from working class parents that would eventually divorce when Freeman was 14. Like other families in the area, Freeman had less access to wealth and opportunity being in a racially and economically segregated city.
      Freeman was an artistic child. He was first introduced to art through cartoons as a kid then comic books, skateboard graphics and graffiti. Freeman began drawing at an early age. He started with his own interpretations of his favorite comic characters and would even draw portraits of family members. As life went on, Freeman found another interest in skateboarding being drawn in by the detailed skateboard graphics and rebellious lifestyle. By the time his parents divorced, Freeman had the freedom to skateboard throughout the city at his leisure and this is when he found a

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