Constancia Tijerina

I am a 23 year old female born and raised in San Antonio Texas. I am currently attending Texas A&M-San Antonio University as a Junior majoring in Sociology and currently a student worker with the position as a First Year Coordinator. Growing up my artistic journey was never taken into consideration that this may be the way of life for me; in some ways I still feel like I am just at the beginning of discovering my true self in art form. Since graduating high school I have been a self taught and independent artist that will continue to grow and discover new avenues in my art career.

Much of my art consists of illustrations on cartoon like characters to establish a sense of freedom in a realm where there are no bounds to how things “should” be. I want to create a sense of connectedness and carefree living through my art. I want to express the importance in imagination, the thought of creating something that has connections to our world that we experience in real time, and the thoughts we give second nature to. My art is to encourage the scenarios in “what if” situations and to stray away from the narrative of “why not”. Much of my art portrays animals personified into their own characters, I also deconstruct and reconstruct clothing that are hand sewn as well as hand sewing original pieces of clothing.


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