Courtney Johnson

Photographer: Stacey Lovett | @staceylovett

Hi There!

I’m Courtney, a San Antonio native who is also a dance major at San Antonio College, a part-time worker, a full-time mother of two beautiful babies,  and a dance instructor and choreographer. I began my dance journey during my sophomore year at Judson High School in 2010, where I was introduced to styles such as Jazz, Modern, and Pom.

I was introduced to Ballroom shortly after graduating, under the tutelage of David and Jennie Castro of C & C Ballroom Dance, where I was trained to not only become a confident dancer in multiple styles of partner dances, but to also teach other people how to be confident dancers. I was given opportunities to choreograph routines for dancers as young as elementary aged to dancers well into their retirement. My love for choreography truly flourished. I have created beautiful wedding dances, exciting quinceañera dances, and solo routines for people who have never danced before and people who have danced all of their lives.

Since becoming an independent instructor, I have choreographed routines for Growing Empowered Together, opened the Spring Forward Fashion Show with San Antonio’s Poet Laureate Andrea “Vocab” Sanderson, have performed as a dancer in 2022’s Juneteenth Family Festival, to name a few projects. I thoroughly love sharing this passion with others, whether it is through teaching or collaborating. I’m looking forward to sharing my passion with you, too!

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