Cyber Alvarez

I am a trans-nonbinary folk artist from south Texas currently studying ancient medicine, numerology, painting, and sigil making. I enjoy bringing larger-than-life pieces to public spaces including theaters, galleries, clubs, raves, and other underground venues. I studied art at New York University and San Antonio College. I am a man of color and enjoy working with people from different cultures and spiritual backgrounds. In 2014 I was awarded a Global Honors award and was able to study street art in Israel/Palestine. I currently volunteer at Spare Parts in San Antonio and perform Lash Extensions at a Beauty Salon. I am currently pursuing higher education in hopes of creating more job opportunities for my LGBTQ+ peers.

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I am a surrealist artist who incorporates Mexican folk art from the border region of the US/ Mexico and psychoanalytic frameworks to create larger-than-life surrealist pieces concerning themes of transition, migration, death, and honoring the dead. I believe art is a way in which we can understand and grapple with themes that escape words. I believe in somatic therapy and find artmaking to be a concrete way for people of color from the South to deal with themes of injustice, racism, and inequality. I center on Mexican myths in my artwork and hope to one day travel across the frontera interviewing our elders about the various mythological folk saints that I heard about in my youth. I am also an avid Spanglish speaker and believe language preservation is an important task for current-day storytellers.

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