Dante Small

Non-professional photo by Sharon Small

Dante has been a resident of San Antonio, TX since he was a teenage boy. The child of a US Air Force veteran, he spent much of his childhood abroad in Europe, living in Italy, and for an extended time in Athens, Greece, where his mother was born and raised. Having that worldly experience gave Dante an appreciation for the arts along with his love of politics and philosophy, areas of study in which he obtained his bachelors degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Dante comes from a family of artists who mostly made art as a personal hobby. His mother enjoyed sculpting and one of his aunt’s did works on canvass with oil and acrylic. At a young age, Dante discovered his talents in art, but did not expand on it for several decades as adult life took him into the world of politics and the wine industry. Upon the discovery that his mother had a terminal illness, he rediscovered his passion for art and it’s ability to help him express himself and deal with life’s challenges. His wife encouraged him to do so, especially when the grief of his mother’s passing took hold. Dante’s works are a reflection of his thoughts and emotions in observation of the ebbs and flows of life. They unite us through our commonalities yet acknowledge our individualities. The use of textures in his painting and their reflections of light have been a key feature pointing to the variances of our existence.

We are certain you will take delight in his works!

Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

I create abstract, contemporary, and representational visual art commenting on humanity and society. I work with acrylic on canvas, OSB boards, and other wood media. I utilize texture in my paintings to achieve the reflection of light which like life, varies based on time and circumstance. To me, art is an extension of my temporary existence. It allows me to reflect on emotions that are often difficult to express. It allows me the ability to be both introspective and to examine our world from varying distances. I believe that art is healing and restorative to both the creator and observer and that it unites us in our struggles and joys. We can never deny the power art holds and the peace it can bring! I was made to make art!

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